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Seafood Special Frozen Products

Sea bream rice set Frozen Products

Easy! Red snapper sashimi kit

Seafood Special Frozen Products

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Seabream rice set     Seabream rice set

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Small sea breams from Shimane Prefecture are grated for sashimi, and the boneless filet and figure are frozen proton. Even after thawing, it retains the same color and freshness as the fresh fish. This product can be used for various purposes such as sashimi, cooked rice, soup, and baked dishes.

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Sea bream rice set Frozen Products    seabreem rice set cooking image

Rapid Electromagnetic Refrigeration “Proton Freezing”

Proton Freezing

What is Proton freezing? Proton freezing is a revolutionary rapid freezing method that hybridizes an equal magnetic flux density environment, an electromagnetic wave emission environment, and cold air. It is a freezing method that works on the formation of ice nuclei during freezing to produce a large number of ice nuclei, creating small ice crystals and consequently preventing the destruction of food cells, thereby reducing drips. Proton freezing is used to freeze raw materials in a fresh state so that the freshness and taste of the food can be maintained.
Simply put
Stabilizes cells by passing magnetic and electromagnetic waves through them. The stable cells are cooled to the freezing temperature range at once. When thawed, the cells are still intact, so no flavor is lost and no drips occur.

Benefits of Proton Refrigeration Products
  1. Freshness
  2. Deliciousness
  3. Ease of use
  4. Ease of Management
  5. Quality, ease of inventory management

Proton Freezing

Advantages of “proton freeze” + “vacuum pack” hybrid products

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  1. With special freezing method, the quality is as close to that of fresh fish as possible, even if there is a color change;
  2. Maintain freshness and prevent color change to the maximum extent possible;
  3. Prevent frozen fish from dripping;
  4. Prevent foreign objects from getting into the fish and pursue the cause of the accident;

In normal freezing, the ice crystals tend to grow large due to the long passage through the maximum ice crystal formation temperature range (about 0℃ to 7℃), which results in the destruction of the cells. Proton freezing prevents the growth of large ice crystals by generating a large number of ice nuclei at a time using the action of electromagnetic waves and magnetic flux, thus preventing the destruction of cells. Therefore, the cells are not destroyed and there is less dripping when thawing.

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