Export results (as of January 2023) / Singapore, Taipei, Thailand, Malaysia, U.S.A., Canada

Fresh Fish Export

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Fish from the San’in region grows in the nutrient-rich sea where ocean currents collide. Fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan is purchased by our professional staff from fishing ports in Matsue, Izumo, Hamada, etc. After each fish is checked by our own staff, it is immediately packed in boxes for shipment. We are committed to the superior quality of morning catch and work hard to preserve freshness. We don’t just send you fresh fish; we also offer suggestions on how to prepare, cook, and eat it.

Fresh fish frozen and processed high quality frozen fish, turban shells, and a variety of otherseafood

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Advantages of SOL JAPAN’s frozen processed products
Stable quality

1.Highly fresh raw materials are processed by our staff with proven skills and manufactured using high-performance freezing machines. Special freezing protects the cells of the ingredients, so you can enjoy the taste of the season at any time.

2.Stable Prices
The purchase of seafood is often affected by the rise and fall of the market, and prices tend to be unstable during periods of low catches or when demand is high due to seasonal changes. Frozen processed products can be of great help in such situations. It is possible to systematically purchase and provide products at stable prices.

3.Easy inventory management
You can use only the amount you need, when you need it, and there is no waste. Unlike fresh fish, there is little need for quality control as long as it is stored in a freezer, reducing the burden of inventory management.

Fresh Fish Processing

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In the production of processed seafood products, we not only focus on the deliciousness of high-class fish, but also on hidden species of fish that are only consumed in certain regions.
We are committed to creating tasty and healthy products by communicating the unknown appeal of these fish.

We are actively developing SDGs products. They are sustainable and additive-free products.

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