Exports (as of September 2020)

Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Thailand, Malaysia, United States, Canada

Fresh Fish Export

Fish from the San’in coast are grown in the nutritious sea where ocean currents collide with each other. Our professional staff purchase fresh fisheries from Shimane Prefecture from Matsue, Izumo, Hamada and other nearby fishing ports, and then pack them in a box and ship them out immediately after checking each fish by our own staff. We are particular about the excellent quality and freshness of the fish in the morning, and in order to maintain its freshness, we use a cooling sheet to prevent direct contact with the fish body of ice, and at the same time, the high cooling effect prevents deterioration of freshness. We not only send you the fresh fish, but also offer suggestions on how to cook, prepare and eat it.

Fresh fish frozen and processed high quality frozen fish, turban shells, and a variety of otherseafood

Four advantages
1.Stable quality
2.Stable price
3.Easy to manage inventory
4.Enjoy seasonal flavors at any time

Benefits of Frozen Processed Products
Stable quality “by improving freezing quality through the development of freezing-technology Price Stability” due to the development of freezing technology Buying fish and shellfish depends on the rise and fall of the market. In times of lowcatches and seasons due to seasonal changes When demand is high, prices rise, but not for frozen processed products. Easy to manage inventory “Only the amount you need, when you need it.” Unlike fresh fish, there is almost no need for quality control and no waste, as long as the product is kept in the freezer. Each item is labeled with an itemized quantity, which reduces the burden on the owner of the restaurant or mass retailer to set the selling price. The consumption period is at least one year. You can freely control the time to taste the season.

Fresh Fish Processing

In the production of processed seafood products, we not only focus on the deliciousness of high-class fish, but also on hidden species of fish that are only consumed in certain regions.
We are committed to creating tasty and healthy products by communicating the unknown appeal of these fish.

SDGs products

We are actively developing SDGs products. They are sustainable and additive-free products.