Seeking distributors for North America.

Seeking distributors for North America.

Export results (as of January 2023) / Singapore, Taipei, Thailand, Malaysia, U.S.A., Canada

Additive-free!Processed Flying Fish Food “Agogoma”

Processed Flying Fish Food “AgoGoma” Food additive-free fish flakes No food additives. Can be stored at room temperature when unopened. These flakes are made from flying fish from Shimane Prefecture. No food additives are added, and it is rich in calcium and bluefish nutrition. It is a tasty and healthy food for everyone from small children to the elderly. This product was developed...

Fresh Fish Processing
Fresh fish box Fresh fish box (prepped) For Restaurants and Hotels

Fresh fish box (prepped) For Restaurants and Hotels

Fresh fish box (preprocessed) for restaurants and hotels Fresh Fish Export HACCP certified Product Details (see PDF data) Commitment to Freshness We use fresh fish caught in the morning of the day of the auction from local set-net fishing. We maintain high quality by minimizing oxidation of water, internal organs, and blood, which can cause fish to smell fishy. The fish is shipped...

Fresh Fish Export
nodoguro donchicchi

High grade fish “Nodoguro” semidressed Frozen Products

Nodogro (blackthroat seaperch) Semidress Seafood Special Frozen Products     The branded “DonChicchi Nodoguro” is used, which is landed in the Sea of Japan and contains up to 25% fat. It is semidressed (scales, gills and internal organs removed) in the freshest condition. Product Details (see PDF data) Bacteria tested (see PDF data) Lipid tested (see PDF data) Nodogro semidressed products Uses: sashimi,...

Seafood Special Frozen Products
After defrosting

Products for turban shell sashimi High quality proton freezing

Slices for turbaned sashimi Seafood Special Frozen Products HACCP certified >>About Proton Freezing Slices for turbaned sashimi Japan’s highest quality frozen turban shells for sashimi Product Features 1. HACCP certified production process 2. fresh raw materials from the Sea of Japan 3. processed at the place of origin 4. proton freezing Live turban shells caught in the Sea of Japan are cut to...

Seafood Special Frozen Products
Sashimi sliced amberjack

Sashimi sliced products High quality proton freezing

Sliced Sashimi Products Seafood Special Frozen Products >>About Proton Freezing Sea bream     Amberjack     Product Details (see PDF data) We process carefully selected seasonal fish from Shimane Prefecture for sashimi. The fish is sliced by a craftsman while it is still fresh, processed into a high freshness freeze and vacuum packed. There is no loss and you can enjoy sashimi...

Seafood Special Frozen Products