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Fresh fish box Fresh fish box (prepped) For Restaurants and Hotels
Fresh Fish Export

Fresh fish box (prepped) For Restaurants and Hotels

Fresh fish box (preprocessed) for restaurants and hotels

Fresh Fish Export

Product Details (see PDF data)

Freshness Initiatives

  1. To maintain freshness Bleeding / destemming
  2. Halfdead fresh fish in the morning※
  3. Preventing decay by removing internal organs
  4. Inhibition of quality loss due to internal and external dehydration

Causes of the fish’s fishy smell → surface wetness, moisture, oxidation of internal organs and blood. These are eliminated as muchas possible to maintain high quality.
※Fish that have just been caught on the morning of the day of the auction in the local fixed net fishery.

An example of fresh fish packaging  An example of fresh fish packaging

Current Shipping Examples ⇒ For shipping to Singapore

for shipping to Singapore

Introduction of pre treatment upon request

Benefits of Making a ‘Pretreatment Product’

  1. It is hygienic and easy to store.
  2. Maintain freshness and prevent quality loss and color change.

We will help you to provide quality food for your restaurant.

3 sheets wholesale (Fiele process)
  1. Weighing
    pre treatment1
  2. Quickly remove scales, gills, and internal organs
    pre treatment2
  3. Skilled technical staffGrate intothree pieces
    pre treatment3
  4. Vacuum with a vacuum degree to match the raw material
    pre treatment4
  5. To keep it fresh, the Chilled temperature range (0-5℃) Quickly covered with ice and stored
    pre treatment5
Semi dressing

pre treatment6_7     pre treatment8_9
Quickly remove scales, gills, and internal organs, remove unwanted moisture, and pack airtight

The purpose of the “Pretreatment Products” offering

Staff shortage, labor costs as low as possible, and lack of time to learn processing skills. We’ll take care of your store’s problems and add a little extra time and money to save you time and money.

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